From the recording The Players

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Lyrics by Rupert Davis
Guitar, Vocals & Keybrds - Dave Dove
Violin - Amy Wakefield
Double Bass - Duncan Wilcox


Well there's a jukebox up in heaven
It plays everybody's favourite song
And Jesus stars on lead guitar
But he gets the words all wrong
And the greatest band in Heaven jam
Most Saturday's
As Jimi smiles over at Miles
And the pair of em tear up the place
'Cause up in Heaven there's no reason to sing the blues

Jesus drools slouched cross his stool
Whispering in Kirsty's ear
And the barman says "How am I supposed to remember your usual?
There's a billion people up here"
And The King was warbling Good Luck Charm
With Peter at the gate
And Lennon shouts "Hey you lost your way after 58"
Success made a Mess O'The Blues"

When Jackie Wilson sings The Sweetest Feeling
On the jukebox up in Heaven
They dim the lamps and crank the amps
Right up to 11
And the Bird plays sax, Jams with Fats
And everyone goes wild
When Lady Day steps to the mic to say
"God Bless The Child"
Up in Heaven with them long gone blues"

The seraphim wear tight blue jeans
And make out in the stairway
Sid croons with Old Blue Eyes
About how they did their way
And the angels dance in leather pants
In the court of the Lizard King
As Marvin tells his Tammi Terrell
"There ain't nothing like the real thing
And I'll build my whole world around you"

Well there's a jukebox and heaven rocks
To the greatest ever mix
And Lowell drops by on a Friday night
Dusting down his favourite licks
And I've heard God's gonna quit the job
Yeah, he's gonna retire
Now that Mama Bass and Sandy have
Joined the celestial choir
And Pearl will show the world how to sing the blues