1. The Players

From the recording The Players

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Lyrics by John Lindley 2008
Guitar & Vocals - Dave Dove
Violin - Amy Wakefield
Double Bass - Duncan Wilcox


It's easy
To blame me
To blame you too

It's something
And nothing
Its what we do

I hurt you
You hurt me
We lick our wounds

I win then
You win and
Both of us lose

Let's put away
These two people we play
They never say
What we want them to say
They're in the way
Let's let them die where they lay
Nothing can save them

I'm speaking
I'm hearing
Somebody else

I'm no place
There's no trace
Of breath or pulse

I want to
Be first to
Get this thing straight

But I need you
To see through
All that we've made

With hearts and minds
That are fashioned from steel
We never find
The part that is real
We're always blind
We don't see, we don't feel
But something is moving