From the recording The Players

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Lyrics by Mike Lewis
Dave Dove - Guitar and Vocals
Amy Wakefield - Violin
Duncan Wilcox - Double Bass


Walking down Oliver Plunkett Street
There's history underneath my feet
There's an old man's face lined with pain
His clothes are all damp. from the early rain

He tells me the news from a paper so old
That he's wrapped around his body to keep out the cold
He raises his hands and asks if I'm well
I feel he has stories he needs to tell

Stories so old but so filled with tears
People so bold and their families fears
I want to see the whole of his broken dreams
People don't see he's not what he seems

How many people have walked down past this place
And never stopped to talk or even seen his face
So wrapped up in themselves they can't spare a word
They're all blank faces following the herd

Lets take you back in time and show you the ones that never die
Where every dream could just turn to dust
Stay on the horse and don't fall off
The journey ends in Tern na nog
Imagine you're a child in Neverland
You can join the lost boys and meed Peter Pan
Father Dagda, Brigid and the Leprechaun
Then you'll see an everlasting dawn